The “Kooks” at Churchill huddled around the plastic conference table and came up with a crazy idea; FREE SHIPPING on everything (except uncuts, those fuckers are heavy and we don’t make much profit on ‘em, sorry). We get called names all over the net by haters and every once in a while, dudes and chicks alike come together to realize that it’s hard to beat the cool ass shit that we make every single day! So what could be better than smokin’ deals on bangin’ natural longboard delights? We know, FREE FUCKING SHIPPING! Oh, and yep, you guessed it, it’s another “bad business” decision from the your local idiots here at Mutha’ Fucking Churchill Manufacturing! Take advantage of the killer deals. We will run this promo as long as we can until we go bankrupt or too many people complain about bangin’ deals on fresh goods. NOTE: Free shipping is for the USA lower 48 Continental States. If you live in China, you’re gonna need to call us and you’d better speak Spanglish. Skate more and bitch less! We love you guys! One more thing, to the dumb-asses that say only These wheels use Urethane cores; DEEZ wheels do too! Boohya…

We are working on the site to make sure everything ships for FREE even the smallest of orders. If you find a error, email us