We are getting emails all the time from Skaters looking for Churchill goods. So for those that don’t know, go to and check out the selection of our products sold at great prices with FREE USA Shipping. Fun Box will be set up for your international orders in the near future too. We just dropped some new boards so run over there and take a look on the Decks page. Thanks for stopping in :)


Here is a snap of a couple custom printed graphic boards. These two new shapes are sublimated directly onto the wood veneer. Colors are amazing. Wait until you see them with the white under print.


It’s been a minute since you’ve seen a big deck selection here on the Churchill site. Many have wondered what’s up? They ask us, “what happened to all the kick ass longboards?”. Sure you can grab a good deal on one of our famous street decks and few other goodies, but what about all the other stuff? So the deal is, we’ve been working on something huge! We think we’re breaking new ground in skateboarding. And the big news is, we are bringing back ALL, of our longboards but with a twist. Churchill MFG and our partners have just created one of the most amazing printing processes that we have ever seen. It’s called sublimation and before it was only done on things like snowboards and wakeboards. The cool thing about it is that it’s 10 times stronger than traditional heat transfers and the colors are 10 times more vibrant.

I hear what your saying, tech talk is boring, right? And your right, but the twist is, WE WILL BE CUSTOM PRINTING YOUR PICTURE AND/OR ARTWORK on our boards for one flat fee! Before now, the only way you could get your picture on a deck was to glue on a photo, paint it yourself, or get a sign shop to print out a big vinyl sticker. Over the next week, we will be adding back all the Churchill longboards to this site for custom printing. We know you’re probably dying to get a professional skateboard made with a photo of your grandma on it, aren’t you! Or how ’bout a board that says, “IT’s A BOY”? I’m sure we are going to get a bunch of emails over the next few days asking about how to order . Basically what we will need is one of your iPhone photos or a digital file with a 300dbi resolution in a JPEG format or a photoshop or illustrator file if you are, or know a graphics artist. We will be putting up more details over the next couple of days. This is VERY exciting stuff! Stay tuned!



Castillo reppin’….


We’ve all been hearing the rumors, Zero Skateboards and Black Box Dist are in trouble. It’s always a downer hear about rad skate companies falling short of success. Especially such a strong brand and long time running company like Zero. We’ve been a fan since Tumyeto distributed the brand. But the rumors seem to be true. Dwindle will be the new home for Zero Skateboards. I’m not sure if that’s been annouced or if I am leaking industry talk, ooops. I guess Skateboarding is going through another consolidation. The big guys aren’t as strong as they appear. I remember when Jamie and others where blaming their down turn in sales on shop decks. We used to get plugged all the time when we built Active’s boards, back when they were bad ass, of course :)

Well, one thing is for sure, every shop out there has their own boards. It’s taken over and yes, they sell good. It’s really hard for a skateboarder who blows through wood, to be paying $50 every week for a new ‘whip. Especially when everyone knows the shop decks skate just as good, and if they are made by us, maybe even better, haha.

It’s sad to see the brands that built this sport, getting pushed down the pipe. It doesn’t help when skaters enter contests like Street League and the only sponors we see are from drink and shoe companies. It makes sense though, because everyone drinks and wears shoes, but only skateboarders buy skateboards. That is where the hard goods brands are paying the price. We just don’t make the bread to be able to throw out the big advertising bucks. So with that said, I expect the see the list of skateboard brands to shrink more and more over the next year. We are hearing of some big distributors going down like ducks over a barrel too. And shoot, CCS is done? Wow, what is going on out there? Did you cats quit skating or did longboarding take over more than these hard core skate companies want to believe?

So we want to wish Jamie good luck out there and we are sorry to see you give up the “goat”. Zero has been one of our favorite brands and one of the coolest logos in the industry. I personally appreciated how you kept it “simple” and your ads were always consistently good. Good luck man, I hope you have something cool up your sleeve.





What’s the one thing in life that’s for sure? CHANGE!!! And we follow the law to the letter. Now is the time to get some of the best skate wood before we change up the program! We’re adding a brand new line of graphic boards to the site! Stay tuned.


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